Stronger Together: Collaboration is Key to Bringing Access to Music Education

Partnering with Over 200 Community-Based Music Instruction Programs in 2018

A laser-focused effort in the last 10 years to encourage the development and exposure of a new generation to music-making has put the D’Addario Foundation on the map as one of the most meaningful music education philanthropies in the world. Although the work is done fairly quietly, many in the music industry as well as consumers are taking notice, encouraged by a reputable organization with a very clear mission. In 2018 alone, in addition to the over $600,000 in funding awarded by the D’Addario Foundation, the not-for-profit was able to partner with a number of music industry companies to fulfill needs of some of the over 200 community-based music instruction programs the D’Addario Foundation supports each year.

“We are a growing organization that has developed a dedicated focus to our philanthropic efforts thanks to a small staff, our president John D’Addario Jr, and our Board of Directors,” says Suzanne D’Addario Brouder, Executive Director of the Foundation. “Much time and energy goes into operating the Foundation and we are establishing strong ties to others in the industry interested in giving back.”

Thanks to collaborative support from D’Angelico Guitars, Schecter Guitars, Paiste, Kennedy Violins, Sweetwater, Wickham Road Music and the Martin Guitar Foundation, the D’Addario Foundation was able to help get kids off waiting lists, establish new programming and ultimately increase their ability to serve more children with quality music instruction. Brenden Cohen, CEO and President of D’Angelico Guitars adds “supporting music education is one of our core values at D’Angelico. We are tremendously grateful to be able to partner with the D’Addario Foundation, whose vision, organization and work ethic provide a trustworthy avenue for our involvement”.

Family owned and operated D’Addario and Company, the world’s leading manufacturer of instrument accessories, is of course their biggest partner of all contributing up to 10% of net profits each year since the Foundation’s inception to supporting efforts to improve access to music education worldwide.