The D'Addario Foundation's Girls in Music Initiative provides the resources and guidance young women need to pursue their dreams in the music industry and beyond.


Now more than ever, we’re committed to helping make music education possible for children who would not otherwise have access to it. Today we’re asking you to help us bring equity to music education and provide all kids with the opportunity to make music.

Letter of Inquiries and Full Partnership Proposals

The D'Addario Foundation is currently in the process of migrating over to a new grants management platform. Since our application links are being re-built, we are not currently accepting letter of inquiries. Please check back in January 2022 for more details.
Those who have been invited to submit a full partnership proposal or are re-applying for support, please reach out to us to be notified once the new application link is live.

Our Mission

The D’Addario Foundation is a unique 501c3 non-profit grant-making organization providing monetary and product support to high-quality sustainable music instruction programs on the frontline to improve access to music education. We support programs that bring music back into communities and schools and get kids playing as early and as frequently as possible. The D'Addario Foundation believes in the transformative power of music and that mentoring and building communities through music can positively affect social change.

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Who We Support