Teachers Share Progress of Free Lesson Program

Week of May 19, 2014

Last Monday, I had each student act as a teacher and lead the class in rehearsing our pieces.  Each student had their own way of leading the class and developed their leadership skills in a music related activity.  Some students, specifically Jose and Susan had a great time leading the class in “Can-Can” and “Frere Jacques”.

Melanie, viola instructor

The cello class is beginning to pick up new skills very quickly now.  We learned about sixteenth notes this week.  We started by speaking the rhythms for exercises.  then we played the rhythms on an open D string.  We hope to play pieces in the future that incorporate the use of sixteenth notes to test our newly learned skills.  In addition, we learned our new orchestra piece this week.  the students love this fun, upbeat piece entitled Fiddler’s Hoedown.  It uses mostly D string notes which the cello students are very familiar with.  The last line use the D scale which the students are also very comfortable with.  The ease of the piece was a huge confidence booster and the students keep requesting to play it again! We also learned the C scale this week.  I was astonished to hear that most of the students had already tried to do a C scale at home in their own practice time.  It wasn’t new material for most of them.  They are so motivated inside and outside the classroom!

Theresa, cello instructor