Special Thanks to New Donor, Alberto Rigoni

Italian bassist and composer purchases new bass for instrument drive

On November 2nd, The D’Addario Foundation held their first instrument drive at the D’Addario & Co. headquarters in partnership with Hungry for Music, Spirit of Harmony Foundation, Instruments in the Cloud, and Lyft. Leading up to the event, the word was spread via socials, email blasts, to local music retailers, etc.

After seeing our event shared on Facebook, Italian bassist and composer Alberto Rigoni decided he would like to help – despite the fact that he was located in Italy. Alberto was the first person ever to make a monetary donation via Facebook to the D’Addario Foundation, but did not stop there. He also wanted to donate one of his basses, but since shipping from Italy to the US is very costly, he purchased a brand new Ibanez Talman from Sam Ash and sent it directly to our facility!

What the D’Addario Foundation is doing is amazing and I’m truly honored to help the cause. – Alberto Rigoni

The D’Addario Foundation extends a huge thank you to Alberto for his generosity and belief in the transformative power of music education! Because of the donation he made of the new bass, a student will now have the resources to participate and receive the many benefits of being in an instrumental music program.

To learn more about Alberto Rigoni, visit his website.