Seattle Music Partners

2017 recipient of the Mayor's Arts Award

Congratulations to Seattle Music Partners for winning the 2017 Mayor’s Arts Award for Cultural Ambassador – Organization!

Dedicated to bringing music-learning opportunities to students in low-income schools, Seattle Music Partners offers a free after-school program that uses music and mentorship to empower young people. Their unique program matches skilled volunteers from the community with students who wish to learn how to play an instrument and become a part of a vibrant music-making community.

“I believe in the idea of ‘if you see it, you can be it.’ Our mentors are an example of what our students can do when they’re older. Our mentors don’t just talk about music; they talk about what they’re doing academically, how they’ve persisted as a musician, how they’ve tackled hard pieces they’ve encountered. Having a role model who’s gone through the same sorts of things is really important.” – Meaghan Leferink, SMP Director of Community Engagement

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The D’Addario Foundation has been supporting Seattle Music Partners for the past five years.