Read Student Progress From Instructors

From Tori, violin instructor:

This was a busy week for the Harmony students at D’Addario! On Wednesday, all the students rehearsed in the cello room in preparation for the Friday evening concert.  All the students enjoyed getting to hear all the other instruments and performing as both a class and as an orchestral ensemble.  On Friday, April 11, students arrived ready to perform their first concert!  At 5:15pm, family, friends, and teachers arrived to see all the students.  The concert program included the Four String Warm-Up and Mary Had A Little Lamb by the orchestra.  This was followed by Old MacDonald Had a Farm featuring the violins, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star featuring the violas, and Ode to Joy featuring the cellos.  The concert finished with Hoedown, performed as an orchestra.  Students all received a photo of the group at the end of the concert taken from one of their rehearsals on stage the previous week.  It was a wonderful event and great way to start the upcoming April vacation!

From Theresa, cello instructor:

We spent this week working on the repertoire for the performance on Friday.  The students practiced their hearts out at home and it showed when they played Ode to Joy in class.  We also worked on the three orchestra songs.  Mary Had a Little Lamb was their favorite.  On Friday, we had a huge crowd at the concert which included siblings, parents, grandparents, and even teachers from the elementary school.  The students were so well behaved on stage and they put on a marvelous first concert.  I was shocked by the audience reaction we received at the end.  The parents were so pleased with our first performance and we were so pleased with our playing!

From Clerida, viola instructor:

For today’s class the children were introduced to playing duets with each other. Each child was able to help each other figure out how their parts work independently and how they sound together.  It great for me to see how each child explained technical or musical issues to each really opened my eyes towards using a different approach for each specific child.

Today’s class focused on getting the children ready to be on stage. We practiced switching from resting position to playing position, based on the conductor’s body language.  We were able to fly through the orchestra music and I even had time to venture off into the world of harmonics with the class! To wrap the class up, we played a round of Musical Simon Says, which ended in a tie!  Todays class was overall successful and I cannot wait to see them again next week!!