Music Alliance

Dedicated to providing quality affordable band programs for elementary through high school students in Northeast Ohio

Thank you again for your generous help these past 5 years.   Your foundation has helped us to be able to help so many low income families, and that help was not temporary, with the instruments we were able to buy, we will be able to help these families for years to come.   The donation you gave us this past year has helped so many of our students with scholarship money.  Many students were able to play this year thanks to you!   You inkind gift of reeds have been a so important.   Many of our lower income families just don’t have the money to keep the kids in reeds.   The students are coming in with no workable reeds for their instrument.  This has allowed the kids to be able to play in their lessons, rehearsals, and practice at home.

– Debbie Blechman, Music Alliance Executive Director