Read About Lisseth’s Progress in the Free Instrument Lesson Program

As told by Tori, Lisseth's violin instructor

“Lisseth is a violin student in the D’Addario lesson program on Long Island.   During the first few weeks of violin instruction, Lisseth went home, practiced her violin, and comes to class ready to learn.  One day, she came up to me and said that she taught herself how to play “Lady Gaga” on her violin.  During snack time, I listened to her play.  We had only learned open strings at that time, and she accurately played the opening rhythm of “Bad Romance” on the G and D strings on her violin.  Since then, Lisseth has used the skills of listening and improvisation to play various rhythms she hears on the radio.  She also has a great memory and is able to memorize new music we learn it class very quickly.”