Interview with Don Shapiro

Inspiring incarcerated youth through music

Don Shapiro is a Transitions Counselor with New Mexico’s Children, Youth & Families Department (CYFD) and works with the young men and women who have completed their commitments in youth juvenile justice facilities and are transitioning back out into the community.

Having worked one-on-one with their graduates, Don is a big proponent of New Mexico Jazz Workshop‘s Digital Technology Project classes provided to incarcerated youth, a program that The D’Addario Foundation has proudly supported for the last two years.

“Our goal is to help them when they come out to make a positive transition back into the community. That means to be able to find meaning in life, to be able to move away substance abuse, and to have positive alternatives. I mention positive alternatives because music is one of the greatest alternatives. It’s a way for a person to express themselves, a way to find healing; it’s a way to be part of a community, and it’s a way to even find employment in the field of music.”