Internal Creations

Positively influencing students' perspective on life through learning classical guitar

In early 2017, The D’Addario Foundation began supporting NYC-based organization, Internal Creations, for the first time. Internal Creations’ mission is to help create disciplined, thoughtful, and independent musicians and entrepreneurial citizens that can help create a better future for themselves and their communities. Specifically a classical guitar program, they provide free-of-charge music instruction for all age groups to come in, share, learn, and be exposed to the instruments and the disciplines of learning it.

When I first started taking the Internal Creations guitar class, I was pretty young and going through some rough things in my life. I was debating whether or not I wanted to go to college… Internal Creations definitely gave me the discipline to make sure that I’m a successful person, because even though my friends aren’t on the best paths, I can say I’m going to college to study something I love.” – Jahsent, Internal Creations student

Internal Creations believes everyone should have an equal opportunity to experience learning music, the guitar, and abolish “fear” in his or her lives. That’s why they provide students with the tools necessary to enjoy music, make important musical & life decisions, and problem-solve diligently. Their way of teaching guides the way for students to achieve musically and develop entrepreneurial characteristics to apply to the ever-changing world and, if they choose to, apply them to their daily lives in post-secondary and college success.

Click here to hear more on how Internal Creations has positively changed Jahsent’s life. To learn more about this organization’s impact in New York City, visit their website.