D’Addario Foundation Commits to Supporting Grassroots Online Music Instruction

We Are Not the Champions

There is little stability for children in the world right now.  In school education, something we learned to inherently rely upon, is all but gone.  

A shining light in this new normal is the effectiveness of music instruction in distance learning.  Our champions, the hundreds of organizations we support on the frontline providing multiple days a week of music instruction, have proven their scrappiness and resiliency once again.  They have delivered instruments to children who did not have them at home.  They have provided devices to those without.  And a wholly effective online community was born and is proving to be  a shining beacon of stability allowing children to express themselves artistically.  

Music has never been more important as both an escape and an effective way to turn the wheels of the brain on in our children. 

At the D’Addario Foundation we are not the champions.  We find and help the champions continue their fight to provide inspiration through education.  

Help us, help them at http://www.daddariofoundation.org/about/donate

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