Gharana Music Foundation Teaches Classical Guitar To Children of Incarcerated Parents

Early Childhood Development Center in Kathmandu

“The Early Childhood Development Center in Nepal is a nurturing residential home for children of incarcerated parents. The children themselves were rescued from a life behind prison walls and now live under the care of Pushpa Basnet, ECDC’s incredibly inspiring founder and director, who they call Mamu (mom). It is an unbelievable pleasure for us at Gharana Music Foundation to teach these kids. Our local teacher in Kathmandu, Adhishree, conducts group classical guitar classes at ECDC four days a week, utilizing the guitar curriculum generously made available to us by Austin Classical Guitar, and the kids are so excited and appreciative of this opportunity to study music. They even gave a performance at our annual Gharana Music Festival after their very first month of classes. What inspires me most about this group of kids is how they all look out for each other, how they all take care of each other. They are really like a family. The oldest ones, like Mukesh, who are now young adults, help the younger ones and the younger ones look up to their older brothers and sisters for guidance. They all teach each other while they are learning.”