Free Guitars for Future Stars

Providing free guitars and lessons to low-income youth in Woodstock, IL

“For a small organization like Free Guitars for Future Stars to have the name D’Addario supporting us is a big boost. Thank you for supporting FG4FS all these years. We are about to start our 10th year and D’Addario has been there for the last 8. We truly appreciate that.

Being a small organization sometimes makes it difficult to get grants from organizations like D’Addario, and getting music to more ”rural” areas is difficult without a “grassroots” effort like FG4FS. Thank you for realizing this and the importance of the work we do.

Each year our guitar program reaches an average of 75 children. We start kids in a weekly group lesson. The program typically runs 7-8 months (The school year). Students that complete our basic program take ownership of the guitar they’ve been learning on and are eligible then for advanced individual lessons.

We have built a solid program and are having much success thanks to a lot of hard work, and a lot of help and support from our community and great organizations like D’Addario.”

Scott Neumann, Executive Director