D’Addario Foundation Announces Grant Recipients for First Half of 2017



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | February 2, 2017 – The D’Addario Foundation, a 503(c) nonprofit that is a global leader in finding, funding, and partnering with transformative music education organizations, announces the results of its first two grant application cycles.

“107 passionate not-for-profit organizations spread out over 30 states have been awarded grants for the first half of this year,” says Suzanne D’Addario Brouder, Foundation Director. “We’re thrilled because a great majority of these states have the lowest high school graduate rates in the U.S., and face significant challenges in their education systems, challenges that compromise the ability for students to receive a well-rounded education.” In total, the D’Addario Foundation has awarded $210,000 in monetary donations and $57,000 in D’Addario & Company product.

Of those 107 organizations, 45 are new to the D’Addario Foundation. “We prides ourselves on funding programs in the early stages of development when support is most critical and difficult to come by,” Brouder adds. “Many of these new organizations are boosted by the support from the D’Addario Foundation and are able to leverage the credibility and track record with securing other forms of support.”

In addition, the D’Addario Foundation partners with a diverse array of programs, believing that musical inclusion does not come in a one-size-fits-all package. With these grants, the Foundation has committed support to programs including inner-city free orchestral instruction; rock band instruction at schools and at Boys and Girls Clubs; guitar lessons for teenagers incarcerated in juvenile detention centers; jazz instruction for at-risk and incarcerated teens; and others.

“We’re unique in that we’re grant makers, providing support to programs that are not just teaching music but lifting human aspirations, improving quality of life, and strengthening communities,” Brouder says. “The goal is to use consistent, engaging music education to awaken the potential in students, and we’re looking forward to these recent grants inspiring students who need it the most.” Since these programs began, there have been impressive results. In neighborhoods where the high school dropout rate hovers at 50 percent, over 95 percent of participating students in D’Addario-funded programs are graduating on time and applying to college. Many are the first generation in their family to attend college.


About the D’Addario Foundation: The D’Addario Foundation bridges the gap in our education system and bring access to quality music education programs. It is putting instruments in the hands of kids as early in their education as possible and sticking with them as long as possible. Believing that music is part of well-

rounded education, D’Addario invests in programs that plant themselves firmly into local communities and operate with the goal of having a long-term impact. Foundation-supported programs have a strong mentoring component that builds leadership skills.

As grant-makers the D’Addario Foundation has dedicated millions of dollars over the last 30 years, making it possible for countless numbers of children to have a meaningful and long-lasting music education. Many of these programs become safe havens for children during after-school hours when there are few options, and operate in summer months as well when children are most susceptible to negative influences.

Applications for support are accepted from not-for-profit organizations all over the world through a three-step process that includes a pre-screening, a formal grant proposal and a follow-up report. For more information or to see a complete list of the organizations receiving awards go to http://www.daddariofoundation.org/blog-category/news.

Contact: Suzanne D’Addario Brouder (Suzanne.daddario@DADDARIO.com) 631.414.3481