A summer update on the Ascenté Chamber Orchestra

Since 2014, our Long Island Lesson Program has provided free instruments and string instruction to students in our local New York community. Thanks to donors who have contributed to our Music Education for Girls Initiative, last year we were able to expand our program to offer private lessons, large & chamber ensemble practice, music theory & composition, summer programming, and seminar opportunities — all while remaining completely free to the ten young women involved. Now named the Ascenté Chamber Orchestra, here is an update on the program and how contributions to the Music Education for Girls Initiative have helped provide these girls with the resources & support they need to continue their musical studies:

ACO is currently in the midst of its very first 4-week summer intensive camp. During camp, D’Addario’s Senior Orchestral Product Specialist visited to give a “Strings 101” presentation that taught our students about the history, construction, and design of orchestral strings, and how the strings’ overall anatomy affects the sound they hear when they play their instruments. Additionally, the students were very excited to go on a tour of D’Addario’s bowed string factory led by the company’s R&D Director to see how their strings are made in-person.


ACO will also be presenting their summer concert on August 14th, which will include original student compositions and an instrument demonstration for children interested in joining the program in the fall. Opening up the program to new students is an especially exciting new development for our program because it not only expands our reach to serve youth in the local community, it also gives our current students the opportunity to act as peer mentors. 

In the 2019-20 year, we expect our program to grow by leaps and bounds for the young women involved. We hope you will consider continuing to being a part of this growth by making a contribution to the Music Education for Girls Initiative today. Thank you for helping us make music possible for our Ascenté Chamber Orchestra!